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Orena, Monet, Avon these iconic brands

Avon, Monet, Orena you may have heard of these names before. Indeed they are pioneering brands in the democratization of the costume jewelery industry. Sometimes very old, some continue to produce jewelry.

Oldest: Avon

avon 1971

Avon was created by David H. McConnell in 1886 in the United States, it was the first brand to develop the door-to-door concept, allowing thousands of women to leave their homes to work and emancipate themselves by supporting their own needs.
Specialized in perfumes, she began in 1963 to offer jewelry to the best customers and released her first collection of costume jewelry in 1970.
Having survived several takeovers, the brand has gone global and is still in business.

bijoux avon liz taylorAvon jewelry has classic and timeless lines

The most prestigious: Monet

monet publicité bijoux

Created in 1929 byJay Brothers & Michael Chernow, Monet began by producing handbags, it was in 1935 that the brand launched into the quality costume jewelery sector by offering vermeil or gold-plated jewelery at low prices between 4 and 20 $.
But it is thanks to the invention of the CLIP with friction (the most modern and widespread version) in 1947 then to that of the "nail" for pierced ears that Monet revolutionized the jewelry industry.
The brand enjoyed great success in the years it was sold under license to YSL and in the 1980s the two brands joined forces to produce the fashion house's jewelry.
It is also the first brand to sign all its pieces.
The Monet brand continues to produce jewelry today.

publicité Monet bijoux

Monet jewels are very well made and very often gold plated.

The most French: Orena Paris

bijoux orena

Created in 1977 Orena Paris is a French brand of costume jewellery. 
The brand uses all jewelry processes such as enamelling, glass, crystal rhinestones.
She also produces jewelry for major French luxury houses such as Lanvin, Balenciaga and Balmain.
Its importance in the history of French costume jewelery was such that we find pieces in the collections of the Musée de la Mode Galliera in Paris.
Orena will run until 2005.

It is the brand that is most often found in the world of costume jewelry. It covers a wide range of styles, there are many animal brooches but also many enamelled pieces.

These brands are a real guarantee of quality in the world of vintage jewelry.
But there are many others, Grosse, Napier, Trifari, Biche de Bère and Agatha.