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Events and places of sale

I regularly go to meet you at vintage events or designer markets.

This is the ideal opportunity to chat with you but also allow you to see the pieces and try them on!

If you would like to talk to me about your event, or your store, contact me at lechapeaumagique.shop@gmail.com or via Instagram


(where to find a selection of parts)

> Lyon <

The spot
Rue du Puits Gaillot, Lyon 1st
Metro Terreaux

Suzanne in town
6 rue des Capucins, Lyon 1st

5 rue Bonald, Lyon 7

> Paris <

Colette District
39 BC Pastor, Montreuil
Metro Town Hall of Montreuil

Boutique The Gros Marché
at Ground Control

 81 Rue du Charolais, 75012 Paris
Metro Gare de Lyon




“Pépite Party” pop-up store
June 14 to July 21

24 rue Thiers in Avignon


Pop-Up w/ Paloma Beach
From July 9 to 28, 2024
21 rue Sergeant Blandan Lyon 1st


Past events

☺ Paris Drag Market, June 8-9, Cité Fertile in Paris.
Lyon Drag Market, May 18-19 at the Cité Des Halles, Lyon 7th
POP-UP w/ Les Placards de Colette on April 28
At Velcroc in Lyon.
☺ Drag Market, April 21, Halle Tropisme in Montpellier
Pop-Up Beach w/ Paloma Beach from March 26 to April 7 - (organizer), Lyon 1st
The Gros Marché at Bellevilloise February 3-4, Paris 10th
Christmas market for residents of La Cité des Halles on December 20. Lyon
☺Canal Vintage and Creations from December 16 to 17 at the Pavillon des Canaux, Paris
☺ Pop-Up by Suzanne en Ville and Omart
from December 4 to 10 and from December 18 to 24. in Confluence, Lyon
☺ The Magic Hat comes to Les Dégoteuses from December 1 to 3. Lyon (organizer)
Pop-Up w/ Paloma Beach from Oct. 24 to Nov. 19, Lyon (organizer)

☺ NOVEMBER FRIP' on November 11 and 12 at INSTED, Lyon
☺ Vide Dressing and Co, September 30 at Away Hostel, Lyon
☺ Vintage Fashion Market, September 23-24, Lyon
☺ Residents’ Market, September 16-17, Cité des Halles, Lyon
☺ Pop-Up Le Chapeau Magique, June 28-July 2 at the Cité des Halles, Lyon (organizer)
THE GROS MARCHÉ, June 17 and 18 at La Rotonde Stalingrad Paris Sacrées Créatrices, June 11 Mob Hôtel Saint Ouens Paris
☺ SPF 3O - Creators Market, June 10 at Chapelle XIV, Paris
☺ Drag Market May 27-28 At the Cité Fertile Paris (Pantin)
☺ Pop-Up Suzanne en Ville from April 14-16 at Insted Lyon
☺ La Dose Vintage, Pop-Up April 1, Slo Hostel, Lyon (Co-organizer)
☺ Vintage pop-up from March 18-19 at Particule, Lyon
☺ Vintage Fashion Market from March 11 to 12, La sucrière in Lyon

☺ Funky Away, eco-responsible market from February 25-26 Away Hostel, Lyon
☺ Suzanne en Ville Christmas Pop-Up Dec 6-11
at Sofffa, Lyon
☺ Pop-up Chez 1150 Vintage, Dec. 4 Lyon (Co-organizer)
☺ Winter Queer Market 19/20 Nov. Cité Fertile, Paris
☺Frip'Arty November 5 at Le Croisseur, Lyon
Pop-Up by Suzanne en Ville, Oct. 20/23, Lyon
☺Vintage Fashion Market, Oct 9/10. Sugar factory, Lyon
The Gros Marché, September 24 and 25, at Bellevilloise, Paris
CANCELED - Thrift store show September 9/10 Puces du Canal, Lyon
Pepites Party Pop-UP from July 11 to 24 in Avignon (Co-organizer)
Bamboche Vintage with Plage Paloma, July 16 and 17 at Station Mue Lyon
☺ The Gros Marché, July 9 and 10, at the Mob Hotel, Lyon
The weekend just got better, at the Heat, July 1, Lyon
☺ Festivale Planète Seconde Main, with Ciguë May 21 and 22 in Lyon.
Super Sunday, Heat in Lyon
Pépites Party, at Floréal Belleville, April 2 and 3 in Paris
☺Vintage Fashion Market, March 12 and 13 at La Sucrière, Lyon
Flea Market Day , February 13 at Café Anahera
Vintage Pop-up Party Nuggets from Jan. 31/Feb. 6 in Paris
Pop-Up Le Chapeau Magique x Chez Biche, Dec 20/23 in Lyon
The Gros Marché - Dec. 12, 2021 La Rotonde Stalingrad, Paris
☺Christmas market - December 11 2021, Zero Waste House, Paris
The Gros Marché - November 27/28, 2021, Bar à Bulles, Paris

CANCELED - Thrift store show 7/8 Nov. 2021 Puces du Canal, Lyon
☺ Vintage Fashion Market October 9/10, 2021 at La Sucrière in Lyon
The Gros Marché - September 25/26, 2021 Rotonde Stalingrad, Paris
☺ Crush-On Market - September 19, 2021, at Point Ephémere, Paris
The Gros Marché - September 18, 2021 at Wonderland, Paris
The Gros Marché - June 26/27, 2021 at Km25, Paris
☺ Empty Pépite Dressing Room June 19/20, 2021 at Sofffa in Lyon
☺ La Mensuelle - June 5, 2021 at Puces du Canal in Lyon
The Gros Marché - May 22/23, 2021 at the Cité Fertile in Paris
Pop-Up Vintage, Chez Biche in Lyon, March 4/6, 2021 (Co-Organizer)
☺ The Thrift Store Show, Puces du Canal, Lyon, October 11, 2020
☺ Vintage Sale in Montreal, September 29, 2018 (Co-Organizer)
☺ FlohMarkt Pop-Up August 18/19, 2018 in Montreal,
☺ Trendy Market, March 17, 2018 Ho36 in Lyon (Co-Organizer)
☺ Vintage Day II, Jan. 20 2018 Insted in Lyon
☺ La Salopette Christmas market, December 22/23. 2017 Taverne Gutenberg in Lyon
☺ Etsy Made in France, Loft 4.40 in Lyon Dec 8/10 (Co-Organizer)
☺ Corner Shop Etsy, Instant Lunette in Lyon 17Nov/9Dec 2017 (Co-Organizer)
☺ Vintage Day, October 21, 2017 Insted in Lyon
☺ Etsy Team Rhone Alpes Market March 15/16, 2017, Lyon