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Tutorial: adjusting the pressure of your vintage clips

THE tutorial
Promised thing due, here is a little tutorial to help you adjust the pressure of your vintage clips.
Make up with the clips and dare to wear the craziest and retro clips of the 80s!
Many people think clip buckles hurt or fall out on their own. And it is a well-spread a priori but for that there is a solution!
And then the clip has more advantage than you think, it allows you to wear bigger and heavier earrings without pulling on the hole of a pierced ear. It also allows the curls to sit better on one ear without leaning forward or tipping to the side.

The steps to properly adjust your clips!
First of all, you have to know the right pressure. Each lobe has a different thickness, so the pressure must be adapted to each lobe.
A vintage clip shouldn't pinch your ear because you won't stand it for more than a few hours. It shouldn't slip out of your ear either. The right pressure is when you feel the loop on your ear without it falling off or pinching.
Please note, this only works with metal clip clasps!!!

Here we go :

  1. Bring a small non-cutting pliers with a thin end and your favorite vintage clip-on earrings!

  2. Bend gently the fixed part of the clasp perpendicular to the earring.

  3. By bending inwards the clip will be tighter, outwards it will reduce the pressure

    /!\ Be careful, we are talking about just a few thousandths of a millimeter, no more! at the risk of breaking the welding of the loop !!
That's it, you can wear your favorite clip earrings again and show off with your new vintage look!!
Know that you can find the paper version of this tutorial on all my events and it will also be slipped into each of your orders!!